Best 5 Cheese For Pizza

We all are cheese lovers and our cravings for cheese never end. Whether it is pizza, lasagna, white sauce pasta or any other dish we never mind stuffing it with extra cheese and cheese makes our food more delicious. But have you ever thought about what exactly it is and why cheese has made us crazy that we can’t get enough of it and why our craving for cheese never satisfies and why we always prefer to add extra cheese on pizza or any of our food? While if you are a cheese lover and want to know the details about the best cheese, its types and prices, or if you are deciding to open your own pizza business and want to know the accurate information regarding the best cheese for pizza, then this article is for you.

What Is Cheese? 

The cheese is a dairy product that’s originated from milk, and it is created when the milk curdles and coagulates. It is rich in calcium, fat, protein, and phosphorus, and it is available in a wide range. It is highly nutritious and delicious. It is an excellent alternative to milk. Some people don’t like to drink milk so that they can get calcium from cheese. The best thing about cheese is that it can be preserved for a long time. 

Top 5 Kinds Of Cheese To Use In Pizza 

Cheese is one of the essential components in pizza, and it plays an essential role in every cuisine in the world, most commonly in pizza. There are many varieties of cheese that different people would like, of course; everyone has different tastes and preferences; therefore, discovering new types of cheese would prove to be the best for pizza restaurants because, in this way, they have the leverage to provide customers with something different and exciting. 

Some of the best pizza cheese types are given below:

Mozzarella Cheese

The mozzarella cheese is considered highly preferred and one of the best types of pizza cheese in Pakistan. It has a very fresh, creamy, and soft texture, and it is considered the most preferable and the best pizza cheese in Pakistan. One of the most crucial facts about mozzarella cheese which most people don’t know is that there are two different types of mozzarella cheese available in the market. I.e., high moisture mozzarella cheese (has a short shelf life), and low moisture mozzarella cheese (has a relatively long shelf life). It is highly recommended to buy a low moisturized one if you consider purchasing pizza cheese because it is one of the ideal pizza cheese types containing low fat and robust flavor.

Similarly, mozzarella proves to be an ideal cheese for any kind of pizza; whether it is simple pizza, pizza cone, or any other type, mozzarella makes the perfect topping for cheese because it has the ideal melting and stretching properties. This pizza cheese price is relatively high, but still, it is worth it. Last but not least, you can find mozzarella cheese everywhere in Pakistan, and you can find pizza cheese online as well. 

Cheddar Cheese

The second most preferable and the best cheese for pizza in Pakistan is cheddar cheese. It is considered the best alternative or plan B cheese for pizza. It requires many tricks and better understanding to use cheddar cheese for pizza because cheddar cheese doesn't handle high heat, and overheating of cheddar cheese turns into a mess as it separates the fats from solid. Therefore, it requires accurate measures and precautions to use cheddar cheese on pizza. Once you have gained a grip on cheddar cheese, it proves to be very economical and ideal and the best pizza cheese type. The perfect way to get many benefits from cheddar cheese is to use it on the base and add mozzarella cheese on top so that it would be an extra cheese-loaded pizza or if you are using it for pizza topping, be more cautious for heat. The price of cheddar cheese is low as compared to mozzarella.  

Ricotta Cheese

The ricotta cheese is light textured and creamy cheese for pizza that adds extra flavor to your pizza. One crucial fact about ricotta cheese is that it doesn't melt much; it just adds flavor to your delicious pizza. That is why it is a luxury that increases pizza’s worth and tempting customers by providing them an extra taste with exciting flavor.  The price of ricotta cheese in Pakistan depends on the grams; however, overall, it is expensive. 

Parmesan Cheese 

This is also one of the kinds of cheese that are also used in cheese. It is a hard cheese, and it can be grated on the top of the pizza. The parmesan cheese will be preferable for pasta, lasagne, or vegetable pizza, and it is recommended to use parmesan cheese after the pizza is completely baked. You can grate it on the top of your pizza and then quickly melt it for seconds. The parmesan cheese will be best suitable for pizza topping. It is advisable that you never put pizza with parmesan cheese into the oven because its sharp flavor will ruin the taste of your pizza, so always take this pizza cheese type as a garnishing cheese. 

Cottage Cheese

The cottage cheese is creamy, soft, and sweet in flavor. It is an excellent option to use in pizza. If you want to try pizza with a new taste, then go with cottage cheese. However, one of the main facts about cottage cheese is that it doesn't melt no matter how much heat you’ll provide it. However, using cottage cheese on pizza gives you a pizza with a new flavor that you can easily add to your pizza menu. Cottage cheese is high in nutrients and low in fat, and this cheese price in Pakistan is relatively low.



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