Best Chocolate Brands In Pakistan

The common thing in this whole world that makes people crazy is chocolate. No matter who you are and from where you belong, and what items you like or dislike, chocolate is the only thing that brings happiness and keeps us together. It is the only thing we eat in every situation. If you are happy, eat chocolate. If you are depressed, eat chocolate. If you are having a bad day, eat chocolate because chocolate fixes everything. Suppose you are going through a lot of stress in your life; you are depressed mentally and physically. Your relationships suck; you have an overloaded amount of work in the office. You are not doing well, and everything sucks. So what’s the only situation left for you to fix it?. When the time is terrible, and your luck is not going well, you experience failure and depression, then remember, this too shall pass. 

The only thing which is in our hands when the situations are challenging is to keep ourselves relaxed and accept the fact that the time is not in our favor. That is why the condition is rough. At the same time, you can lightly cheer up your mood by taking a shower and eating the best dark chocolate . This stimulates the production of endorphin chemicals in your brain that eventually release a feeling of pleasure and acts as an antidepressant that accelerates your mood, and you feel relaxed.   

Chocolate History 

Whenever chocolate comes into the discussion, we often think about its history, like how chocolate was created and when it was founded. The word CHOCOLATE originates from the Aztec word ‘xocolatl,’ meaning the bitter beverage brewed from the cacao bean. Chocolate was founded in the world. The chocolate history can be dated back around 4,000 or more years back in ancient Mesoamerica (present-day Mexico), and cacao plant was found there and then later on the earliest civilization of Latin America turned cacao plant into chocolate.

Moreover, chocolate was considered a very elite food used during rituals and also as a medicine. Similarly, the Latin word for the cacao tree was ‘Theobroma cacao’ which means ‘Food of the God. Later on, chocolate reaches other parts of the world and becomes more popular among rich people, especially the royal and upper-class community. Now in the modern world, chocolate is used with different items, especially in desserts. Now you’ll find chocolate in everything like a chocolate shake, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate donuts, etc. 

Is Eating Chocolate Good For You?

Many people consider eating chocolate is not good, and they never allow their children to eat chocolate. Excess to everything is not suitable for us, and yeah, if you eat a lot of chocolates every day, it will be harmful to you. It will not only increase your glucose level but also double your body fat. However, proven research by Harvard study stated that eating the best dark chocolate twice or thrice a month saves women from heart failure. Hence, eating chocolate is good for us because it reduces the risk of heart failure. Moreover, there are many medically proven benefits of eating chocolate. For instance, eating chocolate a day reduces blood inflammation and the formation of blood clots. Furthermore, it also saves your arteries from plaques and increases the flow of blood in your body.

What Are The Best Chocolates in Pakistan? 

Well, chocolate is famous all around the globe. People in Pakistan love to eat different chocolates, and they prefer to taste the world’s best chocolates; and for that purpose, they order local and imported chocolates online from high-end grocery stores and online websites. The consumption of the best chocolates in Pakistan is very high. Some of the famous chocolates  in Pakistan are given below: 

Cadbury Dairy Milk

The Cadbury Dairy Milk is one of the most famous chocolate in Pakistan, liked by everyone. It is one of the most top-selling chocolates in Pakistan. You’ll find Cadbury dairy milk in different flavors in almost every grocery store.

Mars Chocolate 

Mars Chocolate is also one of the best chocolate brands in the world, which is also considered a bar of famous chocolate in Pakistan. There are different ice-cream brands and restaurants in Pakistan that serve the dessert made of mars chocolate, and it is considered the best chocolate in Pakistan.


One of the most favorite and famous chocolates in Pakistan is Kit Kat that’s loved by all. People in Pakistan love this wafer chocolate bar, and they prefer to eat different desserts of this chocolate like Kit Kat cake or Kit Kat chocolate shake. 


One of the best dark chocolate is a galaxy which is incredibly smooth and tasty dark milk chocolate. Moreover, due to its taste, galaxy chocolate is considered the world’s best chocolate.


Bounty chocolate is one of the best chocolate in the world, made with the filling of coconut and flavored milk. Its sweet and unique flavor makes you fall more and more for the chocolate. Due to the presence of coconut, it is considered healthy chocolate.



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