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It’s the start of the month and your mother asks you to do grocery shopping.However, you already have a lot of office work. You think,  “Oh God! What do I do? How can I make mom understand how busy I am these days?”
A friend suggested to order all your groceries online and just focus on your work. You find the idea appealing but your mom is very touchy when it comes to rice selection. She calls rice, “the heart of a dinner”. Now, given that you don’t know much about the kinds of rice and which one to choose, you are in trouble again. So, what to do? 
Bin Ramzan Foods is the answer!
Bin Ramzan stands out for its superior quality of Basmati rice production. With an experience of over 32 years, the company’s expertise and passion for serving their clients have made them an obvious choice. Steamed Rice, Parboiled or any other Basmati quality, they have it all!  
“My mom will be happy!”, you think joyously.   
Your problem is solved. Bin Ramzan is now onboard because of the growing demand of their rice in the major cities of Pakistan, allowing you to get the best kind of rice delivered to your doorstep!
Howmuch is an online grocery delivery service that has been easing the lives of the residents of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. With just a few clicks, you can place your order and get it delivered to you in minimal time. 
Howmuch’s goal is to provide its customers with the utmost convenience, and by partnering with BinRamzan Foods, they have moved a step forward.  
Why Bin Ramzan’s Steamed Rice is the Best Choice for You? Rice is an important part of Pakistani cuisine. No formal dinner, gatherings or get-togethers are complete without a rice dish and it is next most eaten grain after wheat (roti). 
The reason for rice’s popularity in Pakistan is because of the countless ways rice can be cooked. These include Biryani of types, Pulao of types, Zarda, Chinese rice, Zafrani rice and many more. With just one search on google, you can find hundreds of rice recipes.
Bin Ramzan makes sure that its rice is of premium quality, taste and aroma because the company knows that good rice makes all the difference!
Rice Qualities: There are several kinds of rice available at Bin Ramzan. Different customers have different tastes and Bin Ramzan is ready to serve them all, providing the best variety of rice. These include steamed rice, brown rice, white rice and parboiled rice.  Steamed rice is created using a special steaming technique so let’s look into it: 
Steamed Rice: Steamed rice is the rice that is improved in quality using a special technique. Raw rice is first soaked in water and then treated with hot steam. After that, the grain is dried and polished, resulting in top-notch quality of grain that is not only nutritious but also attractive looking. There are several advantages of steamed rice- the steaming process makes the rice strong and transfers 80% of the minerals from the covering rice shells to the grain. 
Bin Ramzan onboard on Howmuch: Both Bin Ramzan and howmuch’s goals align when it comes to quality and customer service. Bin Ramzan has superior quality of rice which howmuch knows its customers will appreciate. And Howmuch can deliver Bin Ramzan’s basmati rice to the comforts of your home, within minimal time since your order placement through the HOWMUCH APP.  

So, stop waiting and download howmuch app! Look for Bin Ramzan Foods, order rice according to your needs! 
No doubt, you will fall in love with the quality of rice Bin Ramzan provides and would order it again and again! And howmuch is here to serve you whenever you require your rice stock to be replenished! 
Conclusion: No doubt, your mother will fall in love with the quality of rice Bin Ramzan provides and would ask you to always order from them! And howmuch is here to serve you whenever you require your rice stock to be replenished! Hurray! 



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