Cheapest Online Grocery Store in Pakistan

 One of the most significant achievements is grocery shopping on a limited budget and even saving so finding a cheap grocery store that provides you with discounted products that eventually save your money. The thing is how to find the most affordable grocery stores. The good news is that there are many authentic online grocery stores that offer the cheapest rates compared to the market rates, so you can easily save money on grocery shopping without skipping any item. Moreover,  you don’t need to come out of your comfort zone and dress up for shopping because you can do your entire month’s grocery shopping at your home, sitting on your favorite sofa and wearing your favorite pajamas. However, with so many options available for online grocery in Pakistan, it might be challenging to decide where to commence. Hence, this guide will suggest the best cheap grocery stores in Pakistan. So, stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy happy grocery online and save your time and money with e grocery in Pakistan.

Best e-grocery platform in Pakistan 

There are different online grocery stores on the internet that offer e grocery, Still; challenging to find out the authentic online grocery store because there might be some time spamming issue while. In contrast, an e-commerce platform integrates different grocery stores and provides customers a seamless shopping experience. With, you don’t have to visit any grocery store website directly because it gives you an online platform where you can only choose the store of your choice, fill up the cart with your preferred items, and then proceed to check out your grocery will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores In Pakistan

Some of the cheap grocery stores in Pakistan are highlighted below, where you can easily find the most affordable grocery. 

Punjab cash and carry 

Punjab cash and carry is a cheap grocery store in Islamabad that provides you a complete variety of other products and services at your doorstep. They have a physical presence as well, but you’ll get an extra discount if you shop online with

Islamabad grocers 

The Islamabad grocers have a vast range of products in their catalog. They provide you the best grocery items at affordable rates with fantastic discount offers. You’ll find Islamabad grocers, the cheap online grocery store in Islamabad. 

Madina Cash and carry 

The Madina cash and carry is also one of the top-rated and cheap grocery stores in Islamabad where you can get a variety of products that are not only confined to the grocery but also many other items as well such as cosmetics, confectionery, household, appliances, stationary, and many more. The best thing about it is that they offer their customers a variety of discounts, so you have an excellent chance to save money on groceries. 

Safari cash and carry 

The Safari cash and carry is also a good option if you want grocery shopping. They offer a wide range of products to their consumers, and you’ll find here the top quality and original branded products.  

Jalal Sons 

If you are searching for a cheap grocery store in Lahore, then Jalal Sons would be the best option for you, where you can find a variety of products of top quality. Similarly, Jalal sons always deal in good quality, and they provide their customers’ authentic products at affordable rates with exciting offers and discounts. 


Al-Fatah is considered the best online grocery store in many leading stores in Pakistan. It is a trusted and reputable retail store that provides trusted products to its customers. Al-Fatah has everything you want, and it delivers your product efficiently and quickly. So if you are finding a cheap grocery store in Lahore, it is the best option for you.

Pak Grocery Store 

The Pak Grocery Store is also very reputable and cheap in Lahore. If you are looking for the best rate, top-quality product, quick delivery, and better service, then Pak grocery store would be the best choice for you.

Payless superstore 

Payless superstores spoil people with their cheap grocery store in Rawalpindi. They offer you a complete variety of products with different discounted deals. They provide fast delivery so that there is no need to go outside for grocery shopping in the pandemic era because the payless superstore offers their services at a lower cost. 

Unique bakers and superstore Unique bakers and superstore is a delicious bakery and superstore in Rawalpindi that delivers its product at your doorsteps. It is the cheapest grocery store in Rawalpindi.



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