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Setting up a retail business requires a lot of work, attention and error-free operations. The problem is that human beings are prone to errors and are not known for their accuracy. This is why retail businesses use Point of Sale Inventory Management as they automate all your business operations, giving you a bird’s eye view of the business while doing so. 

They speed up your business processes, assist your employees flawlessly and help you make business decisions that are knowledgeable and beneficial for your business. You can ensure that your business becomes a success story by using retail POS software. In Pakistan, howmuch POS is a popular choice of retailers as it is reliable, easy to use and helps in the growth of your business exponentially. That being said, you should check for the following features in a POS software : 

Inventory Management: 

Inventory Management is a core function of a POS system. You need to be able to enter thousands of items in your inventory and have the ability to update them with just a single click. Similarly, as the products leave your store, they should be automatically subtracted from your inventory count. 

There should be a level set for your inventory and you need to be alerted on your mobile POS when you are running low on stock or overstocked. The POS system you use should also suggest the inventory levels according to the trend observed in a month, or year, based on the time-frame you have set. A POS’s inventory level suggestion is much more accurate than human guesses. 

Barcode Scans: 

One of the worst things customers experience at supermarkets and retail stores are the long lines they have to stand in and wait because of how slowly the person at the cash counter is sorting through customers. Barcode scanners with POS systems are the most effective solution to this. 

All the cashier has to do is scan the barcode present on items; the item will automatically get added to the customer’s bill and be subtracted from the inventory. Barcodes consists of more than just product name; they contain information about the variant of the product, the expiry date, the manufacturer ID, etc. All this is included in the order database. 

Customer Database:

One of the biggest reasons local retail stores are popular in a local community is that they get personal treatment from the shopkeepers. The shop keeper will know your name, your preferred order and even give you a discount! However, human beings are prone to errors, and once in a while, you can mess up your customer’s name. Similarly, not everyone has a great memory and you might just know someone just by their face while they expect you to know their and their family’s names! 

The best course of action is to use a POS system that can generate personal emails, promotional coupons properly addressing the customers. A POS automatically updates your customer database when they purchase something from you, so you have the contact details of every customer! 

Real-Time Analytics:

To run a business successfully, you need to have real-time information of each and every process taking place there. It is unrealistic to expect from a business owner to be present at every moment and at every process. With a capable POS, you are provided data relating to every activity happening in your business. This gives you the chance to make intelligent business decisions. These small decisions account up to making a business successful. 


A POS is the necessity of every business; small scale or large. Technology has stepped in every sphere of life and so customers expect your processes to be fast and efficient too. They expect you to automate your processes! And as the customer is always, right, it is wise to use POS systems for your retail stores.



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