How Much Cash Do You Keep In Your Wallet?

While going shopping, the one thing that immediately comes to our mind is "Let's check how much cash I should have in my wallet." But you never focus on how much you should carry and spend.

Research highlights the fact that when people plan to keep a certain amount of money in their wallet and then buy things under that amount, they tend to buy the best products in a limited amount of time, spend less and buy more. 

Planning is crucial for preventing us from overspending while shopping. If you haven't already planned your shopping trip and the amount of cash you should have in your wallet while shopping, then read on to know how much cash you should keep in your wallet while you shop. 

Also, we will suggest you the best tips to save money on shopping with the limited cash you carry in your wallet. 

Why Carrying Cash Is Important?

Cash in a wallet seems extremely strange in this age of digital currency. However, there are still plenty of people who nag you about carrying cash, so you always get confused about how much cash you should have on hand.

While having an atm card or having online banking activated on your mobile, you still think about how much cash you can carry with you wherever you roam, and this is the best thing to think about because emergency hazards occur out of nowhere. 

Sometimes the ATM machine does not work properly, the credit card cash limit ends, and sometimes due to network outages you are unable to process transactions. So, in order to avoid these situations, it is better to keep some amount of cash with you. 


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Best While Shopping 

Carrying cash while grocery shopping is significant because, due to lots of load on the retail store servers, their system fails to respond to your credit cards and sometimes you reach the limit and at that time they ask you to give money in cash. 

If you have cash in your wallet, you don’t have to exclude some things from your shopping cart, and you can immediately clear your bills instead of putting all the items back and then buying them later on when you have money. 


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Ideal While Traveling Abroad 

If you are going on vacation and traveling to another country, it is ideal to keep cash with you. No matter how many credit or debit cards you have, an emergency situation may arise that necessitates the use of cash rather than digital money. 

The most important thing that matters on a foreign trip is to have cash, but it must be kept in different places, like you can have some amount of money in your wallet, some in your pocket, while a bit in your hand carry and your bag. It will save you from multiple issues. 


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Perfect While Going To Restaurant 

While going to a restaurant or any cafe, we order a lot of food and sometimes their POS machine does not respond properly. That is why, for safety reasons, it is always better to have enough cash in your pocket. 

Similarly, sometimes while roaming with friends, we often visit multiple food carts and enjoy the street food. Obviously, these small level food vendors don't have the latest technology, so they rely on cash, which is why it is important to have cash on hand all the time. 


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How Much Cash Should I Have In My Wallet?

Carrying cash in a wallet varies depending on the individual. If you are a student, your needs are different, and if you work, your priorities are different. That is why we have highlighted the fundamentals of how much cash you can have in your hand based on different scenarios. 

However, from a safety perspective, it is not good to keep a lot of cash in your wallet. You should never put all the cash in your wallet. Instead, you should keep the cash in multiple places.


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For College Students 

It is not new, but rather an old-school, time-tested piece of advice to keep some money in your pocket, but this does not imply that you will keep a lot of money in your pocket. Roughly 20 to 30 dollars is enough, while for Pakistanis, 1000/-PKR to 2000/-PKR is enough.

As they can enjoy a full meal from their cafeteria and take rides back and forth to college and home, You can still save some of the amount for printing your assignments or buying any academic notes. 

For Working People

The working class or breadwinners need to keep around 800 to 1000 dollars in cash in their wallet. However, for Pakistan's 5000/-PKR to 8000/-PKR in cash is enough. It can be enough to have a good meal at lunch and cover fuel expenses. 

Also, if you have to take some household items back home, this cash is pretty good. While this amount is for emergency purposes only, in this digital era, credit cards, debit and online banking are enough to handle everything.


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For HouseWives

Well, housewives are mostly at home, but they definitely go on outings or for grocery shopping, and at that time they must have to take cash with them along with digital wallets. because most grocery stores or small-scale retail stores still do not use the latest technology.

Also, while online grocery shopping or any other online activity, most of the vendors have a delivery policy, so for that purpose, 15,000/-PKR to 25000/-PKR is a needed amount for housewives.


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For Road Trip 

If you are going on a road trip, then having 2000 PKR to 30,000 PKR is very important. They can be used for your snacks as well. In the event of an emergency situation, this cash amount proves to be very significant. 

With this cash, which you have in your wallet while enjoying a road trip, you can fulfill your fuel expenses and also buy anything that catches your eye. Also, there can be any mishap, such as a floating tire or losing your gear, so you can fix it at any car shop immediately.  


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For Overseas Trip 

One of the most common mistakes people make when traveling abroad is relying solely on credit or debit cards or failing to bring cash, but it is critical to have at least $500 to $1000 cash with you to avoid any inconvenience.


But remember to keep half of the amount in your luggage so that if you lose your wallet, you still have some cash.  At another place, so you can have a back up plan. This will save you from a lot of problems.


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