Types Of Rice


Rice is one of the most common types of grain, which is loved by everyone. We consumed rice in many forms ranging from sushi rice, biryani, fried rice to pulao rice to satisfy our cravings. The best thing about rice is that there is a list of different varieties of rice that provide vital nutrition. However, despite having various types, rice always remains the superstar in our dishes. Rice is categorized on the basis of its colors, types, sizes, thickness, grain length, stickiness, method of growing, and many other things. If you want a complete guide to rice varieties, their texture, and usage continue reading it.

Types Of Rice

Rice are categorized based on their texture, size, and quantity of starch in it. While cooking different kinds of rice, you need to master cooking because every type of rice requires special instruction to cook in a certain way. If you are interested in different types of rice to try and want to know how to use them continue reading it to gain more insight. Because we have highlighted a list of different varieties of rice below: 

Basmati Rice

The basmati rice is also known as Long grain rice. It is one of the essential rice varieties, which is typically 7-9 millimeters long. If you try a long-grain type of rice, then you can see that they mostly turn fluffy when they are cooked. Also, every single rice remains separate whenever you use them. They are trendy in every dish, especially in biryani and Pulao. They are rich in fragrance, and they are most commonly found in South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan.

Sushi Rice

The short-grain rice is typically 4-5 millimeters long while 2.5 millimeters wide. Starch quantity is usually high in them. They mostly got soft and sticky in texture when they cooked. This type of rice is best for sushi. You can find these types of rice in every grocery store or supermarket, especially in the Asian food aisle. You can identify the sushi rice by its name, i.e., short-grain rice. 


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Brown Rice

The brown rice also comes in different sizes. They are 100% original bran rice, and they are healthier as compared to white rice. They have a nutty flavor, while the brown rice texture seems chewy. They are rich in fiber, and they need more water while cooking to get tender. If you are a rice lover and calorie-conscious, you must eat brown rice over white rice. Similarly, brown rice is available at every grocery store, so whenever you go grocery shopping, just don’t forget to add brown rice to your cart. 

Jasmine Rice 

The jasmine rice is Thailand-originated rice. It is also the same as basmati rice, but they usually grow on the south Asian side. They are widely used in Chinese cuisine, and you can say that the jasmine side is considered the preferable type of rice used in Asian dishes. The texture of jasmine rice is very soft and sticky when fully cooked. However, jasmine rice is used and enjoyed all around the world because of its aroma and pleasant taste.  

Black Rice 

Black rice is also one of the most flavor-full rice varieties that mostly come in medium or short sizes. They are less sticky when they are cooked. Black rice originated in the southeast Asian part of the world. Black rice is considered nutrient-rich rice. They are also known as forbidden rice. Black rice is regarded as the most expensive type of rice. In the past, it was considered elite people's rice, and only rich people were able to afford it. 

Wild Rice

Wild rice is found in the lake region of the United States, black rice is available primarily near wild grasses and around lakes, and they are harvested as whole grain rice. They are highly nutritious and rich in protein. They are in black color from the outside, and once they get cooked, they mostly split. They are difficult to find in any supermarket or grocery store, but they are available online

Bamboo Rice

One of the most different types of rice you need to know, and cook is Bamboo rice which is very uncommon all around the world. It is made from bamboo shoots, and you can hardly find bamboo rice in grocery stores because of its rarity. The good thing about bamboo rice is that they are highly nutritious and very excellent in taste. So it is recommended that at least once in your life, you must try these rarest bamboo rice which is challenging to find in any grocery store. However, there are many pages on the internet through which you can order bamboo rice online. 

Where To Buy Different Types Of Rice?

The different varieties of rice are available everywhere in the world. There are many supermarkets and grocery stores that have different types of rice. You can also buy the best combination of rice at a very reasonable price from Howmuch. pk, which is an online grocery store website. The best thing about Howmuch is that they have a high-speed and convenient delivery service, and customers can also opt for contactless delivery. So they just need to choose the best type of rice they want to buy, place an order online on Howmuch.pk, and their order will be delivered right to their doorstep within a limited duration. 


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