5 Best Oil For Hair Growth

Do you know the most beautiful part of your personality is your hair? It makes you more attractive. We often hear about the phrase good hair day or bad hair day, which is very common nowadays, and yes, it’s a human psyche that if your hair is looking good, you feel more confident and fresh. Nowadays our diets are not as good as per requirements. Moreover, many of us experience hair loss problems as well. Due to the busy schedule, we do not find much time for our hair care. Many people think about finding the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness; therefore, for your ease, we have highlighted the best oils for hair growth and consistency that you must try. 

Why Do We Have Hair-Falls?

To be very honest, we spend a lot of time grooming our hair and making it look different and beautiful all the time. For that purpose, instead of leaving our strands naturally the way they are, we put them through various experiments like cutting, curling, shaving, straightening, drying, curing, drying, and many other things. Have you ever thought about what your hair went through after going through all these experiments? Well, all these processes are damaging to the natural health of our hair. But how do we overcome hair falls? In order to maintain the health, thickness, and growth of your hair, it is necessary to apply essential oil for hair growth. No doubt oiling is the best hair therapy and good for your hair.


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What Is The Best Product Of Hair Care?

For the proper growth and development of your hair, it is crucial to provide adequate care to your hair. Therefore, always nourish your hair to make your scalp healthy, and for that purpose, oiling is an integral part of your hair care. I personally never recommend going with any chemical serum or solution to grow your hair. It is better to go organic and utilize natural things such as different kinds of oil that prove to be great for your hair. However, if you are concerned with buying any serum or hair care mask, then always go with the product that contains citrus oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, thyme, castor oil. All these products are the recommended ingredients that must be there whenever you are buying any hair care product. 

Top 5 Oil For Hair Growth

We can not ignore the fact that oiling proves to be the best way to nourish your hair. We have highlighted the top essential pocket-friendly oils for hair growth, loss, dandruff, and everyday hair issues. These top five oil for hair growth are available everywhere, and they are rich in nutrients and prove to be a healthy choice for your hair. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best oil for hair growth. It moisturizes your scalp and reduces dryness and itching. I use coconut oil, and it makes hair light weighted and extra shiny. The continuous use of coconut oil reduces the split-ends, extra frizz, and dryness. Similarly, the proper massage of warm coconut oil improves the blood circulation in your head, and ultimately, your hairs start to regrow. You can get coconut oil from any superstore

Mustard Oil

It is an inevitable fact when you give your hair much-needed pampering, it ultimately performs much better, and you get terrific tresses. The mustard oil proves to be an excellent oil. Get your hair mesmerized by the unlimited benefits of mustard oil. The mustard oil is a highly nutritious and beneficial oil that moistens your hair scalp and reduces inflammation, dandruff and irritation. If you have seriously damaged scalp or hairs, then continued use of mustard oil will prove good for your hair. It is considered the best oil for hair loss. Similarly, after straightening and curling your hair from the rod, your hair got damaged, but it can be repaired by applying mustard oil. Just apply mustard oil before washing and see how much better the result you’ll see. Mustard oil is available everywhere, and you can get it from any nearby grocery store

Olive Oil

One of the best secret oils for smooth and healthy hair is olive oil. It is the best oil for hair loss. Moreover, like mustard oil, olive oil also proves to be a heat protectant and creates a shield around your hairs. Similarly, you can also consider olive oil for your dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prove to be the best oil for dandruff. The good thing about olive oil is that it is available everywhere in any grocery store or supermarket. 

Almond Oil 

Almond oil is the best hair oil for hair loss, hair damage, and split ends. If you are feeling extra frizz and dryness in your hair, then applying almonds is the best option for your hair. It moisturizes your hair and makes your hair shiny. Similarly, you can also use only one spoon of almond oil in your palms and make your hair tangle-free. Almond oil is also the best hair oil for males. It can give an excellent shiny look to your hair just by applying a few drops to your hair. 


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Jojoba Oil 

Jojoba oil is the best oil for hair growth and thickness. It contains natural anti-inflammatory qualities, and it works great for damaged hair. Jojoba oil is also considered the best oil for dandruff as it actively prevents dryness and works ideally for hair loss. 



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