Cheapest Supermarkets In Islamabad

The supermarkets are the most convenient place for shopping that provide retailers an enjoyable experience of grocery shopping. If you are depressed, feeling lonely, or getting bored at home best place to lower your depression and loneliness is to visit a supermarket, and it will undoubtedly cheer up your mood in seconds. Secondly, doing groceries is one of the most challenging tasks that keep on going pending; therefore, the best option of doing grocery shopping for your whole month is to visit any grocery store or supermarket where you’ll find out every single item under one roof.

What Is Supermarket?

We often use this word in our daily lives, but have you ever thought about the concept of a supermarket? So, the supermarket is a self-service shop or a grocery store that provides a wide range of items, including food, beverages, household items, and many more. These items are organized in stores, and customers walk through the aisle with their cart or shopping basket in their hands and fill them up with their required items. 

Cheapest Supermarkets In Islamabad?

There are different supermarts and grocery stores located in Islamabad but finding the best grocery store is complex. However, the list of cheapest supermarket in Islamabad are given below: 


Metro Cash & Carry 

The Metro Cash & Carry is the best supermarket located in Islamabad, and I’ll rate Metro five stars because it is the biggest supermarket where you’ll get every product. The best thing about Metro is that it is situated in an extensive area and it provides customers the perfect shopping experience with ease. Metro caters to the need of every customer. One thing I like about Metro Cash & carry is that they occasionally offer discounted offers due to the promotions. Luckily, you get everything at on cut-rate and reasonable prices.  


If you want to enjoy a good shopping environment without standing services, the best products, and excellent staff, then Al-Fateh is a good place for you. It provides you everything instantly in one place. Thus it gives overall the best experience of grocery shopping. 


Imtiaz supermarket is the least expensive supermarket in Islamabad, and it has more than 15 branches all over Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You can get all the grocery items at a reasonable price from here. Imtiaz supermarket is considered the cheapest supermarket in Islamabad. At Imtiaz, you’ll get whatever you want, and you’ll surely go back home satisfied. 

Save Mart 

The Save Mart is also renowned for its cheapest rates and reasonable prices. It is located everywhere in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. As shown from its name Save Mart, you can save money here. The main motto of save mart is that they offer groceries for people, not for profit, and that is why consumers can quickly get everything here. 

Punjab Cash and Carry 

The Punjab cash and carry is also one of the least expensive grocery stores, but we can say that it is not much large scale supermarket, and it comes more under as general stores where you can find grocery items at a reasonable price. 

Madina Cash and Carry 

Madina cash and carry is also one of the most independent retail chain supermarkets located in the twins’ cities of Pakistan that offers the cheapest grocery items. The best thing about Madina cash and carry is that it also provides online grocery option, and you can quickly get your grocery shopping delivered at your doorsteps.


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