Most Popular Tea Brands in Pakistan


After a tiring day, many of us crave tea so severely that we end up drinking it, and it automatically makes our mood and tiredness much better than before and provides us with a soothing effect to relax our minds. In Pakistan, tea is the most popular drink, consumed in a considerable amount. Pakistani people admit that our routine feels incomplete without a cup of tea because tea is not just a drink for them. It is an emotion or magic that has a permanent mark. The critical point is that not everyone can make a good cup of tea simultaneously. The tea brands and quality also matter a lot because some brands have strong tea, and some have aromatic tea. Well, the quality of tea varies from brand to brand. If you are on a hunt for the most unique and popular tea brands with excellent taste, then continue reading it because we have highlighted the most selling tea brands in Pakistan. 

Why Are Pakistanis So Addictive To Tea?

Pakistan is listed as the top country with many active drinkers of tea. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, party, lunch, dinner, or any simple or grand occasion. Tea is always permanent. Secondly, People in Pakistan never drink tea according to the season, and you can see tea as a seasonal drink in Pakistan, available every time and anywhere. The reason why tea is so addictive and why Pakistanis are so obsessed with tea is that it contains active ingredients, including antioxidants and biotin, that boost the immune system. Similarly, tea relieves our brain in times of stress and works miraculously in headaches. Tea also keeps the body warm in winters.  

Similarly, tea makes brain cells active for a more extended period which is why it keeps our sleepy minds fresh again. If you want to start your day with optimistic energy, then you must drink tea and see how fast it will make you feel more energetic towards your work. Furthermore, in Pakistan, Milk tea is mainly consumed. However, there are many other teas with endless variations and flavors.


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Top Selling Tea Brands In Pakistan 

Tea is the best beverage we never get bored of. You can drink two to three cups of tea a day, but you still want more because it is believed that we develop a very special relationship with tea. However, finding the best tea brand is challenging, especially if you prefer quality over price. We have highlighted the most selling tea brands. Please give a read to have an idea about the best tea brand to grab your hand on.    

Tapal Danedar

Tapal Danedar is the top-selling tea brand in Pakistan with fantastic taste, aroma, and flavor. If you want a strong tea flavor, then Tapal is the number one choice for tea lovers. Its taste will make you even fall more in love with tea. Tapal is the name of trust, loyalty, creativity, and quality. You can get tapal from any grocery store; also, you can order tapal online from Howmuch. pk, which is a top eCommerce platform for grocery shopping. The best thing about tapal is that they have a good reputation for three generations. Tapal Danedar is sold out locally and internationally as well. They also have introduced cardamom tea flavor, which is good, and you can quickly get it in packets or tea bags from your nearest grocery store. 


One of the best-selling tea in grocery stores is refreshing tea. They have a variety of flavors, ranging from different flavors of fresh fruits, flowers, and herbs. Refreshing tea inspires its customers with tremendous flavors that you can quickly get from any supermarket or order online. The exciting thing about necessary is their round tea bags that look pretty amazing. However, if you want organic green tea flavors, it will never disappoint you because they offer a range of tastes. 

Islamabad Tea

If you want to cherish the premium tea brand in Pakistan, Islamabad tea is also a good option. It is a newly emerging brand, but they provide quality tea to customers for a healthier and happier life. You can find Islamabad tea anywhere in Pakistan, especially in the tea section in a supermarket or retail store. The best thing about Islamabad tea is that it wins the heart and makes lives better by effortlessly blending into the milk and leaving a very creamy and aromatic taste. And it is very reasonable in price.


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Qamar Tea

If you are a fan of excellent tea but at the same time are picky about the brands as well, and you want the best tea brand in Pakistan at a reasonable price, then Qamar tea is the best option for you. It also has a strong flavor, and it makes a very thick and creamy milk tea that you love to consume again and again. Similarly, the smell of Qamar tea is impressive.


Lipton tea is also one of the oldest tea brands globally and now comes under the luxury tea brand. It is also the most selling tea brand with the best quality tea. The flavor of Lipton is a bit light, but it is genuine, natural, and soothing with a creamy taste. Lipton tea perfectly suits your Hi-tea gathering. Whether you prefer a loose tea in the packet, in a bottle, or a tea bag, the Lipton is available in every form. Lipton also offers a variety of flavors, and you can enjoy different types of organic tea flavors, including Lipton yellow leaf tea, black tea, and green tea bags. 

Brooke Bond Supreme

When it comes to the best tea brand in Pakistan, no one beats the soothing hot cup of  Brooke bond supreme that keeps away all the tiredness of a hectic day with its lovely taste. Brooke Bond supreme is the finest and the most reputable tea brand in Pakistan, used in every household for ages. The Brooke bond supreme red label tea is the best choice if you are looking for a premium tea brand in Pakistan. 


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