6th To 12th Month Baby Diet

Replacing a baby’s diet from breastfeeding to solid food is fascinating because parents try new foods on the baby and introduce new tastes to the baby. This is an exciting time because your baby tries every food for the first time, but at the same time, parents are much concerned about what diet they should give to their 6-month-old baby? And they are worried about their toddler meal plan. If you are confused and looking for a regular diet for a 6-12-month-old baby, this article will give you some insight into a perfect meal plan for 6-12 months old.

Diet plan for 6-12 months baby 

Remember that your baby needs more energy and nutrients during the 6-12 months duration. This is the initial phase when the baby is growing quickly and needs more energy and vital nutrients than any other time in life. Therefore we have highlighted an effective diet plan for the duration of 6 to 12 months that you may give to your baby. 

Diet For 6 Months Baby 

Remember that the primary source of energy and nutrients after six months will still be breastfeeding, but you have to gradually add other solid foods to your baby’s diet because only breast milk will not be enough. Therefore start by giving your baby frequent amounts of soft and nutritious food throughout the day. But be more cautious that your baby doesn’t get sick because babies are intolerant to different foods, and that’s why food reacts differently, and babies get sick. Just two or three spoons of solid food would be enough for your baby. Always keep a check that whenever your kid gets hungry, feed them some solid food and be patient. Never force your baby to eat; instead, give them time to get used to a new taste.

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Diet Plan For 6 To 8 Months Old Baby 

From 6 to 8 months, you can gradually introduce soft solid food to your baby, and for that purpose, you should be more creative. You can start by providing mashed items to your children, such as mashed potatoes, mashed bananas, sago, and semolina. 

Diet Plan For 9- 11 Months Old Baby

9 months to 11 months old baby needs more food, and for that purpose, you can feed your baby three or four times a day. Secondly, give your baby some solid items that they can pick up themselves and eat with their fingers so they will develop the habit of eating. You can also provide them with food by mixing it with other food. Just don’t force your baby to eat. Let them eat on their own. Your only purpose is to provide vital nutrients to your kid. 

Diet For 12 Months Old Baby

By 12 months, your baby will start eating more solid food. You can quickly bring your baby to the family table, where you will develop a habit of eating as a family. This will encourage not only healthy eating but also develop appropriate meal-time behavior among kids. However, the perfect diet for a 1-year-old baby includes yogurts with sliced fruits, cheese, shredded or diced chicken, soft-cooked or boiled vegetables, boiled beans and corn, hard-boiled eggs, and granola which you can order online from any grocery store. You can also give chocolates, cookies, and muffins to your kids.   The duration of 12 months is the perfect time to introduce different fruits to toddlers but always make sure that you always make the needed adjustments in the texture and size of the food to prevent choking. 


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