Trending Ice-cream Brands In Pakistan

 We all are familiar with ice cream, and it is like the daily-life dessert that we love to consume every day, but have you ever noticed what makes ice cream so delicious and why everyone loves it? Why Ice cream is the yummiest thing that boosts up the mood in seconds? Well, we all admit that ice cream is the most perfectly refreshing dessert that automatically brings happiness to a dull life. If you want to know the reason behind this magical sweet frozen product that brings joy and freshness, then this blog will be helpful to you.     

What Is Ice-Cream? 

Ice cream is a frozen sweet yet delicious item that combines different products, including milk, sugar, and other flavors that make it so unique and delicious. Ice cream is generally eaten as a dessert or snack, and it is primarily consumed in Summers, but people also crave it in winter and consider it an adventure to eat ice cream in chilled weather. Ice cream is available all around the world. There are different ice cream companies in Pakistan that are considered the best ice cream brand in Pakistan. 

Top 10 Interesting facts about Ice-cream

Some of the most interesting facts about ice cream are highlighted below:

1. The most popular flavors of ice cream all around the globe are Vanilla and Chocholate.

2. In the 1700s, elites only enjoyed ice cream, and it was considered a rich people thing.

3. The most significant worldwide consumption of ice cream is in the USA. 

4. The cost of Ice-cream is high as compared to the cost of its ingredients. If you plan to open a small business of ice cream, it will prove to be an excellent investment. 

5. The most profitable day for the ice cream business is Sunday because people enjoy more ice cream on Sunday, and sellers sell more than on ordinary days. 

6. One cone of ice cream can be finished in 50 licks. 

7. Ice-cream was accepted as a perfect summer-time treat for the first time at the end of world war II. 

8. There are many types of ice cream globally, such as frozen custard, frozen yogurt, low-calorie ice cream, ice lolly, chocolate ice cream, fruit punch ice cream, and Milk ice cream.

9. One of the weirdest flavors of ice cream is hot-dog ice cream which is available in Arizona, US. 

10. In Italy, Ice-cream is known as Gelato. 

Top Ice-cream Brands in Pakistan 

There are different top ice cream brands available in Pakistan. Still, we have shortlisted some of the latest ice cream companies in Pakistan, most commonly international ice cream brands in Pakistan. All these ice creams are readily available in grocery stores, and you can also order them online. 

Pop Bar 

The pop bar is the top ice cream brand in Pakistan which is becoming the most common ice cream brand in 2021, and people are getting more and more excited to taste their full three flavors, i.e., Belgian chocolate, strawberry, and blueberry; however, they have a variety of fresh fruits flavors with zero calories and preservatives. These flavors are available in grocery stores or supermarkets, but you can also order them online. 

London Dairy 

The London dairy is the international ice cream brand in Pakistan that offers various collections of ice cream in different flavors that will make you much excited to taste all of them. The London dairy has dairy ice-creams that are highly tempting and delicious. You must give it a try and add it to your cart whenever you visit any grocery store for your grocery shopping. 


The Movenpick is swiss originated ice-cream brand that gives a delicious and premium ice cream experience to customers. If you haven’t tried this tasty blend of cream with unusual natural ingredients that provide pleasurable indulgence, then I will recommend you to taste it. You can order it easily online because it is available almost in every grocery store. 

Hifny Tiffany

If you are looking for a delicious, rich, creamy texture, then Hiffny Tiffany will fulfill your ice-cream cravings more extraordinarily. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a refreshing treat this summer with the premium rich taste of Hifny Tiffany. 


Walls ice cream is one of the best and traditional ice-cream brands that has maintained its class till-date. It provides you the best ice cream wrapped with fun, laughter, and joy that will add vitality to your life. If you want to bring magic in your life moments, then walls ice cream is the perfect option for you. 


The ultimate solution to your intense ice-cream craving is Omore. It is one of the best ice-cream brands in Pakistan that offers ice cream in a reasonable rate. They provide wide range of ice-cream that will add flavor to your dull life. 



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