Types of Dates (Khajoor) That Are Best For You


Dates are the most popular fruit among Muslims due to their religious association. Eating dates for opening fast is considered a tradition in Ramadan which love to follow. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) often eats dates to break his fast. Dates are considered a whole meal because it provides many vital nutrients, including calcium, potassium, fiber, etc., to the body and keep the weakness away. Whenever you feel low in energy, you instantly eat a date, and you can experience a broader difference in your body energy. Undoubtedly, consuming dates support the overall health and functionality of the human mind and body. Different types of dates (khajoor) are best for you. Continue reading it to gain extensive knowledge regarding the best types of dates. 

Why Are Dates Used to Break the Fast?

The usage of dates in the month of fasting all around the world is approximately more as compared to regular days.  Dates are widely used in Ramadan, especially while breaking fast because they are easily digestible. They are the source of energy and vital nutrients that instantly maintain the glucose level in the fasting body. There are different varieties of dates available, and both kinds of dates have their specialty, deliciousness, and specialties. Dates must be consumed in a balanced quantity because they are rich in sugar, so ultimately they increase the body's sugar level if consumed in large amounts. Similarly, eating 10 grams of dates a day is recommended, giving you 23 calories.


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Types Of Dates 

There are approximately 3000 different varieties of dates present in the world, and mostly khajoor are grown in the Middle Eastern side of the world. Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of dates. Different types of dates vary in size, color, and shape. If you are wondering about other dates, read below about the best quality dates. 

Ajwa Khajoor

Ajwa khajoor is the most renowned type of khajoor with a very soft creamy texture inside while a bit dry from the outside. Ajwa Khajoor is the best type of date with many healing properties. Ajwa Khajoor is mostly dark brown to almost black. The ajwa dates are cultivated in the Madina, and they are imported worldwide. Apart from the nutritional benefits of ajwa dates, the ajwa date seed is also very nutritious and used as a powder to treat different diseases.

Sagai Khajoors

The sagai khajoor is the most nutritious and beneficial type of khajoor with outstanding benefits. It is exclusively renowned for solving many gastrointestinal issues, such as sagai, for relieving the constipation problem. It provides strength to the body. Sagai khajoor is excellent for male health-related problems such as impotence and oligospermia. This type of khajoor is also cultivated in Riyadh.  The sagai khajoor is famous for its texture as they are usually brown and soft from below, while their tip has a yellowish shade with a dred texture.


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Medjool Date

If you think which kind of Khajur is best? Then the answer is Medjool dates. These are the most famous variety of large, super soft, and tasty dates. The Medjool dates have smooth skin, and when they are entirely ripe, their skin turns into a reddish-brown color. The Medjool dates are grown in Palestine, Jordan, and Morocco, but they are also found in other middle eastern and African countries.  

Ambar Khajoor

The amber khajoor is the most expensive khajoor known for its king-size and flavourful taste. It is fleshy and dry in texture. It is cultivated in Medina, and it is renowned for its nutritional properties. Amber khajoor works fantastically in fighting against diseases, especially skin allergies and other viral infections. Similarly, amber khajoor is the best type of khajoor because it helps women cure labor pain and pregnancy complications. 

Sukkari Khajoor

Sukri khajoor is the golden brown khajoor with a crispy texture and soft from the inside that automatically melts in the mouth. The sukri khajoor is also cultivated in Saudi Arabia. The best thing about this type of khajoor is that it lowers its cholesterol level and prevents tooth decay. It also helps to get rid of fatigue. The sukkari dates are rich in fiber, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. They are the healthy snack choice and are considered a source of high nutrients. 


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Khudri Khajoor

The khudri dates are also cultivated in Saudi Arabia and they have flakes on the skin. This is also the best quality date to buy. The khudri dates are considered one of the best type of date, but diabetic patients need to avoid eating them because it has a delightful taste. Khudri is the different types of dates (Khajoor) best for you. Eat Khudri dates on an empty stomach is recommended because they have antiseptic properties that kill intestinal worms and other parasites. 

Piarom Dates

The Piarom dates are also the best type of date in Saudi Arabia. They have a sweet caramel taste, and they are dark brown. The prom dates' skin is stuck to their flesh. Well, the piarom dates contain fructose and low glycemic index, and these dates are ideal for people with diabetes and blood pressure issues. 


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