School-Going Kids Lunchbox Idea For Mothers

 Have you ever thought that giving the same lunch again and again to your kid is so boring? Yes, it is boring to the kids, and it ruins their whole mood. We are living in a world where food brings happiness. We all love to try different foods, and it excites us. Various researches on kids’ behavior and their expectations with the school lunch box highlighted that if you give your kids a variety of lunches every day, it will bring productivity and motivate them to go to school daily.

Similarly, going to school daily is difficult for the kids, especially in winters when they have to forcefully leave their warm cozy bed, get up early, wear the uniform, and then go to school with a heavy heart. However, the only thing that brings happiness to them and pushes them to go to school daily is the surprise food in their lunch box. If you want to raise healthy kids, continue reading this blog because we have highlighted the perfect lunch box ideas.

5-Days Lunch Box Idea For Mother

Being a mother, it is often very difficult for you to give your kids different lunches every day. Therefore we have highlighted the best lunch box ideas for mothers that will save you from thinking about challenging what you should pack for your kid in today’s lunch box? Or what will be on the menu for today’s lunch box?. If you want the perfect ideas for packing lunch boxes for kids, then see the list of ideas given below. We have highlighted five lunch box ideas that you can avail of in a week from Monday to Friday and excite the children with various dishes. 

Make It Simple

It is not necessary to pack a fancy lunch for your kid. You can make it simple yet exciting. If you want to save time and don’t want to waste the food, it is better to utilize the leftover food in your fridge to give it to your kid. For instance, you have baked cake in the evening; you can use that leftover cake for your kid’s launch. Also, if you have cooked Spinach for dinner, you can spread the Spinach on the bread and make a sandwich by adding some more items, including olives and cheese, to make it more delicious. 

Make Bento Box 

The Bento box lunch idea is one of the most popular and commonly used ideas. It is an exciting and healthy way of presenting a lunch box to your kid. The best thing about bento boxes is colorful food with different varieties and flavors, making it more attractive. Secondly, the bento box is a highly nutritious and affordable lunch box idea as it holds a good amount of food. You can add all the healthy food, including fruits, dry fruits, sandwiches, eggs, boiled or fresh vegetables, and a variety of items in it.


Make Vegetable Lunch-Box Day

It is not necessary that you always fill lunch boxes with noodles, muffins, cakes, snacks, etc.; you can also give your kids vegetables to add more nutrition to their diet. We all know kids never like to eat vegetables, especially boiled vegetables, but there are various ways to feed them vegetables. You can mash the mixed vegetable and then spread it on bread to make a sandwich, or you can also make vegetable cutlets and serve it with ketchup. I bet your kids will love to eat them. Also, you can make carrot paratha, avocado paratha, potato paratha, Spinach paratha, and many other varieties of vegetable paratha and give them to kids for lunch. 


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Have A Snack Lunch-Box Day

You can present your kids with the snack. Though junk food is not suitable for health, kids still love to eat junk food, including snacks, biscuits, jelly, and many other items. Instead of giving your kid money to buy a portion of junk food, you can also purchase boxes of different snacks and junk food from any grocery store and keep them in your kitchen and make a cheat day in which you excites your kid by giving them these snacks in their lunch in this way your kid will love to enjoy eating different things. 

Bakery Items Day

It is not necessary to stick with just one lunch, like giving the same item regularly to your kid in lunch. It is better to provide some delicious bakery items as well. You can buy bakery products from various bakeries and order bakery food online because of technological advancement. Secondly, on a bakery item day, you can give your kid bread and butter, bread and jam, small pizza, muffins, bakery cookies, bun, or burgers to make their lunch box fun to eat. 

Why Pack A Good Lunch Box For Kids?

Being a mother packing daily lunch boxes for your kids is a hectic task for you because it’s like additional work in the line of your heavy responsibilities. Sometimes you prefer to give money to your kids to buy from their school cafe, canteen or tuck shop but to be very honest providing cash to your kids instead of a healthy lunch box is never a good option. Your kid will obviously be going to spend money on junk food which is obviously unhealthy for them. Most mothers do not know this hidden fact that giving school lunch to kids is another way of showing affection to the kids and, your child will remember their school lunch box throughout their life. At the same time, the kids who do not have lunch boxes for their break time feel left out. That is why always give your children wholesome snacks for their lunchtime, which they love to enjoy. Similarly, kids value their parent’s advice therefore, occasionally leave heartfelt notes for kids in a school lunch box with the best advice. It is a cute gesture of love that has lasting effects. 


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