15 Surprising Ways To Save Money While Groceries Shopping

With the expected sharp rise in prices in 2022,  buying groceries on a budget is becoming really difficult. At the same time, many economists point out that grocery prices will rise further in the coming years, beginning in 2023.

We frequently purchase additional items that pique our interest even though they are not on our shopping list, which causes our grocery bill to increase. If you can relate to this situation, read this blog for some grocery shopping tips.

Tips To Save Money On Groceries With Increase Prices Of Goods

How to save money on groceries is the first thing that comes to mind when creating a budget for shopping. Budgeting is very challenging because there is no turning back once you enter a supermarket or grocery store.

However, we understand this pain, which is why we are here with the most effective money-saving tips, which are given below: 

  1. Make Grocery List

Prior to grocery shopping, it is really essential to make a proper list. As a list is still as important as before, you can either list down all the items on paper or you can consider taking notes in your mobile notes. This is really the best thing that really works well for saving money.

Research has highlighted that when customers list down all the required items, they can better buy groceries within budget because, while listing, they always prioritize needs over anything else. It keeps them on track and prevents them from purchasing anything extra. 


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  1. Stock Up Items 

How to save money when grocery shopping is the major thing that we always think about; however, if you follow this life-saving tip of stocking up on items, it will really work great. So whenever you go shopping , it is better to buy 10 kg of flour at once instead of buying a 1 kg pack.

Similarly, many items, such as soaps, detergents, and tissue papers, can be easily stored; these are common household necessities that you can buy in bulk, store for a long time, and then use for six months.  

  1. Grab Money Saving Deals

When you go to the grocery store, always check to see if there are any money-saving deals, and if there are, always consider them, because these deals are sometimes jackpots that you can only buy once in a blue moon

So never pass up the opportunity to buy something in a money-saving deal because it is your best chance to buy good groceries at a very reasonable price. At the same time, discounted deals open some room in your budget, so you can buy something else within your budget.


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  1. Buy Grocery With Full Stomach 

This advice might seem weird, but believe me, it is the best and most significant thing that helps you save on your extra expenses. When you go grocery shopping with a full stomach, you only focus on buying the required items. 

Focus on the layout of the supermarket and go to those parts of the store where you have to buy; avoid going to the bakery area or cafeteria, which triggers your hunger. There are many big stores, such as Metro Cash & Carry and Carrefour, that have these areas.

  1. Shop Online

Shopping online is also one of the money-saving options while grocery shopping, as it provides you the benefit of shopping from your comfort zone and saves you the cost of transportation, thus helping you save a bit. Similarly, the online stores mostly offer coupons and deals. 

There are many online shopping platforms, such as Howmuch.pk, that have the presence of big retail stores such as Punjab Cash and Carry, Shaheen mart, and safari cash and carry. So why go shopping outside when you can shop conveniently from your mobile phone.


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  1. Change Grocery Stores

One of the best hidden tips for grocery shopping on a budget is to switch grocery stores frequently, compare and contrast prices, and also pay attention to which grocery store has open promotional sales on specific items and buy from there. 

Similarly, split the shops and then buy from different places. It really gives you the opportunity to buy bulk items for a very reasonable price. Such as you can get discounted deals from one dollar shops, you can buy bulk items from warehouses, etc. 

  1. Always Check Receipts 

Always keep a check on your receipts after checking out from the grocery store; count each and every item you have bought; focus on the prices and the tax that is applied to your receipts; and save the information for later. 

You can always avoid fraud or human error by double-checking your receipts. At the same time, it is the most effective method that maintains accuracy and ensures that you haven't missed anything.


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  1. Buy From Clearance Rack

When going grocery  shopping, the one thing that you can consider is to always check clearance counters; this helps you buy bulk items at a very reasonable price. Also, many times it feels like a jackpot when you get the best thing at a very discounted price from the clearance rack. 

The items on the clearance rack are, without a doubt, the same as those in the store, but they are overstock items that are no longer needed. That is why store owners put them on clearance; therefore, never miss the opportunity to buy from this rack.

  1. Buy From Generic Brand

It doesn't matter from which brand you are buying because, at the end of the day, what matters most is the price, quality, and quantity of a product. Therefore, avoid being impressed by the brand name and packaging and instead focus on buying the best thing for a reasonable price. 


The brand name is really the biggest misperception that makes customers think that they are really trustworthy and reliable, However, all the items come from the same production line, it is only the marketing tactics that grabs our attention.


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  1. Avoid Buying Frozen Items

It is better to buy a worthy meal instead of frozen meals, which are expensive items in grocery stores and not healthy at all. You can buy chickpeas in raw form as compared to buying canned chickpeas, which are expensive. 

Similarly, the frozen things are way more expensive than the raw items, and you can compare the prices of fresh vegetables at the farmer's market with the frozen vegetables in the grocery store; both have huge price differences. 

  1. Track Your Spendings

Tracking your spending while grocery shopping is a good habit; however, many people hesitate to do so. But trust me, it is the best way to save money. It is the perfect way to track everything prior to adding it to the cart. 

In order to track spending, the ideal way is to take a calculator with you while shopping, or if you are shopping online, keep track of the total amount in your cart so that you can keep a strong eye on spending. 


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  1. Buy Vegetables From Local Market

It is always a good idea to buy fresh vegetables from a local vegetable market instead of a grocery store because the prices at super markets or in any grocery store are higher as compared to the vegetable market, where items are sold in bulk. 

At the same time, small-scale fresh fruit and vegetable vendors provide better options in a good quantity with the best quality and at a reasonable price as compared to any large-scale grocery store with high priced vegetables and less quantity. 

  1. Take Detailed Time

Saving money on groceries requires a lot of time; therefore, never think that you can buy groceries quickly and save money without thinking. If you truly want to save money at the grocery store, take your time, carefully compare prices, and purchase items. 

Similarly, it is always preferable to open a calculator on your mobile device and then, while adding items to your cart, calculate the amount side by side, allowing you to track how much you have spent so far and then purchase accordingly. 


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  1. Always Check Expiry Dates

Don't forget to check the expiration date before adding anything to your cart; when you have plenty of time to use the product, it becomes very convenient. It not only saves money but also protects you from food and money waste.

It is better to buy once and eat twice because it helps you utilize the product more efficiently. Also, always save your leftover food, freeze it, and use it creatively later on; this helps you save a lot of money. 

  1. Download Grocery Shopping Apps

Downloading a relatable grocery shopping app is a better idea that may help you save a lot of money. There are many apps that offer promotional deals, discount coupons, and vouchers. These really help you get the best deal on food or any confectionery item.

At the same time, when you shop through a grocery app, it collects rewards points and then generates coupons automatically for being so loyal. At the same time, you can just place an order, and things get delivered in a minimum amount of time.


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