Surprising Facts Of Lemon In Kitchen

Lemon is considered the king of vegetables because it perfectly suits all needs. Whether you are making a unique dessert on a special occasion or some salty dish, lemon is the major ingredient in the kitchen that is used everywhere. 

Similarly, when it comes to making some super delicious summer beverages and ice lollies, lemon is the first thing that comes to mind, and just a few drops of lemon change the whole taste. So, lemons are really powerful and completely change the story.

So do you want the magic spell lemon has that transforms things in an incredible way? Continue reading it to know what the surprising facts that are hidden in lemons are and how you can reap amazing benefits with lemons in your home kitchen.

8 Amazing Usage Of Lemon In Kitchen 

Lemons are full of benefits and healthy nutrition. From drinking them in water to using them in the kitchen , lemons will never disappoint you. We have compiled eight amazing lemon uses in the kitchen, so continue reading it to know what lemons are good for.

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Prevent Vegetable And Fruits From Changing Color

You probably noticed that when you cut fruit or vegetables at home and then leave them for just a few minutes, they automatically start turning brown. The most common vegetable is peeled potatoes. Whole apples, bananas, and avocados are the common fruits that change color. 

The best facts about lemon, however, included its ability to keep the color of the vegetable fresh for a longer period of time. All you have to do is to squeeze the lemon juice over peeled fruit or vegetables and see how amazingly it prevents fruit oxidation.

Keep Fruits And Vegetables Crispy

One of the most important benefits of lemon is that only a few drops of lemon in cold water can maintain the crispness of your vegetables and fruits. So lemon are highly recommended to keep vegetable and fruits crispy and fresh.

Just cut fresh onions and put them in cold water with a few drops of vinegar. It will keep them crispy. Also, you can add lemon drops over apples and see that they do not turn their color and remain crispy and fresh for a longer time. 

Use As A Detox Water

The importance of lemon juice in nutrition can not be denied. Also, you can use sliced lemons in detox water. Just add a few drops of lemon juice, salt, sugar and mint leaves and enjoy a refreshing and healthy lemon juice in the summer to kill the heat effect. 

Lemon can also be used as a detox water as the carbs in lemon juice are very low. You can pair lemon slices with chia seeds in plain water and use this detox water throughout the day. It will give you clear, glowing skin and also aid in weight loss. 


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Best Addition To Any Juice

The lemon juice nutrition facts are amazing, and one of the best things is that you can add lemon juice to any drink and it will give you a refreshing drink in a different flavor, so you can juice it up any time. 

So if someone asks you if lemon juice is good for you, just respond with yes immediately because lemon comes with uncountable benefits and amazing lemon facts that make you fall in love with it.

Make Rice Unsticky

The important fact is that it resolves the clumpy rice problem, which we mostly face while cooking rice. When every single grain or rice is separated from each other while perfectly cooked at the same time they are considered as perfectly cooked.’

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However, in order to make perfectly cooked rice, we frequently over-build it, causing it to become sticky and clumsy. However, lemon has a magical solution. All you are required to do is to add a few drops of lemon juice while boiling the rice and see how well it cooks. 

Boiled Eggs Perfectly 

Have you ever thought for a second that lemons are good for you? If yes, then here is the answer: lemons are the magical item that helps you boil eggs so perfectly. Most often, we boil eggs, but when we peel them, half of the egg remains attached, making a mess. 

However, if you brush lemon juice on egg shells prior to boiling and then you boil them out, it keeps the egg intact and helps you easily peel off the whole boiled egg in a very smooth manner, and there is no mess with the egg shell.

Tenderized Meat 

The lemons are good at tenderizing the meat with their acidic properties. As lemons retain the ability to denature or unwind the long protein in muscles, they quickly tenderize the stake meat. That is why lemons are considered a vital kitchen item. 

The best use of lemon with meat is to apply a thick layer of lemon juice and salt over the meat prior to two hours of cooking and then leave the meat. Soon it will draw out water from the meat, and then you can cook it and the taste will be amazing.

Perfect For Seasoning In Any Dish To Increase Taste 

Do you know that the lemon is the only ingredient that is a perfect seasoning option whether you are cooking desi Pakistani cuisine, Hindi street food, or eating an English style salad for weight loss? 

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You can use lemon and lemon peel for decoration on your food as well. While drops of lemon add emotion to your food. Try adding a few lemon drops to Pakistani nihari or Italian salsa and see how tasty it feels.

Where To Buy Good Lemons Online?

Well, fresh lemons are available everywhere. However, if you want to buy fresh lemons online, then you can trust It is an online grocery shopping site that deals in a range of items related to groceries. 

You can find numerous grocery stores on where you can buy household goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, toiletries, and much more. Fresh lemons will be delivered to your door as soon as you place an online order using the mobile app or the website. 



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