How To Get Crystal Clear Skin Using Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth)?

Finding the right skin care products is very difficult. They are also full of chemicals and artificial substances that can be reactive to skin. That is why it is very significant to add the right products to your skin care regime, such as Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth. 

So are you among those skin-conscious people who spend millions of dollars on skin care products and achieve nothing in the end? If yes, then this blog is exactly for you. Just give it a read and find out how you can get crystal clear skin without spending money. 

What Is Multani Mitti?

The Multani Mitti is a unique type of mud with magical properties that can be used to treat any type of skin problem. The multani mitti, in English, is called Fuller's Earth, and it is the best kind of natural mud with healing properties.

Many people confuse multani mitti and fuller’s earth due to its name. However, if you write about what Fuller's earth is, you will quickly realize that it is multani mitti. The only difference is in language. In Urdu and Hindi, it is called Multani mitti, while in English it is called Fuller’s earth.


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What Are The Surprising Benefits Of Multani Mitti?

If you are a religious believer in natural ingredients and prefer home remedies over expensive skin care products, then the magical benefits of multani mitti are especially for you. It is the best and God-given ingredient that has unconditional benefits for the skin. 

Resistant Against Acne And Pimples

If you consider multani mitti for pimples, then it is the best option because there are no such side effects of multani mitti for skin. Multani Mitti face wash is the best resistant to acne and pimples, and it is available at online grocery stores.

The question is how to use multani mitti for pimples, so the simplest way is to take fuller's earth powder, add turmeric powder, mix it with honey, and apply it on the face. It is the best solution for curing pimples.


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Removes Cembum

Many people with oily skin use multani mitti for their face daily and find no harm in it. Also 

The multani mitti soaps that are available in online grocery stores are the best to control sebum production. 

The multani mitti for skin is really safe to use. Don’t go for chemical face whitening injections and creams. Instead, use multani mitti for skin whitening and see how effective it is for sunburn or sun tanning. 


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Treat Tanning

Many people ask this question: Does multani mitti remove tan? So the answer is yes. Multani mitti treats tanning, and it provides visible results. You can just mix Fuller's mud with curd and apply it to your tanned skin. It will cure sunburn. 

Also, the Multani mitti for sun tanning can be used directly with water as well, and it will give you soft and supple skin, remove the darkness and dead skin cells, and remove the dirt and oil from your skin. 


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Provide Glowing Skin

If you have any doubts about the fuller's earth's ability to provide super glowing skin, simply wash your face with it and, believe it or not, you'll feel the multani mitti before and after effects clearly on your skin.

It is the best-in-class home-made remedy that perfectly works with any ingredient and provides the best and fastest results with no side effects. So don’t think much about adding multani mitti to your daily life schedule, just go for it. 


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Make Hair Shiny

Multani mud is not only good for skin, but it also retains significant importance for hair as well. If you want super shiny hair, then add two teaspoons of fuller’s earth powder to the egg, mix it well, and apply it to your hair for 30 minutes, and then shampoo. You’ll see clear results. 

Fuller's earth has natural cleansing and absorbent properties. It cleanses the dust and dirt from hair and also makes oily hair fresh, while it remains very gentle with skin. Thus, multani mitti can work great as a hair conditioner and cleanser. 


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Multani Mitti Face Packs For Different Types Of Skin

You're probably wondering how to use multani mitti. The good news is that the only ingredient that can simultaneously cover your entire facial kit is multani mitti. 

You don’t have to spend an extra penny on your skin because Fuller’s earth is an all-round natural ingredient that you can use for cleansing, hydrating, scrubbing, exfoliating, and soothing.

We have highlighted a variety of face masks that you can use at home by pairing them up with multani mitti and enjoying a whole facial session right at home. 


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Multani Mitti Facepack For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin and doubt that you can use multani mud on your dry skin, then absolutely yes. By pairing the fuller’s earth with simple honey or manuka honey, you can make the best hydrating face pack for dry skin. Just apply it for 15 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. 

Fuller’s Earth Face Pack For Oily Skin

The combination of rose water and fuller’s earth face pack for oily skin is magical because multani mitti has the natural power to suck oil and remove excessive oil from the face. If you have oily skin, this face pack is the best option for you in the summer. 

Fuller’s Earth Face Pack for Exfoliation

If you want to exfoliate your skin, don’t use chemical exfoliants. Instead, simply mix gram flour and multani mitti together and then add rose water. Apply it to your face and gently massage. Fuller’s earth and gram flour mixture is the best scrub for exfoliation. 


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Multani Mitti Facepack For Cleansing

Don't buy an expensive cleanser or go to a salon for cleansing, because face cleansing can be done correctly at home. Just mix multani mitti and curd, make a paste and massage your face. Just a 15-minute massage will gently clean and brighten your skin.

Fuller’s Earth Facepack For Acne

One of the amazing facepacks of multani mitti includes turmeric, neem leaf powder, fuller’s earth, and  rose water. Then apply this facepack for acne all over your skin twice a week and you’ll see potent results.

Multani Mitti Facepack For Scrub

Another excellent option for acne-prone skin is Multani Mitti and Oats Scrub. Just add crushed oats in a powder form into fuller earth powder, add rose water and make a paste. Just apply it all over your face and massage gently. It will clean your dead skin and remove all the dirt and extra. 


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