Incredible Things You Should Know About Potatoes

The most renowned and most commonly used vegetable worldwide is the potato. From French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potato  pie potatoes, or many other menu items, potatoes never disappoint us. You won’t believe that despite cooking, there are many other things you probably didn't know about potatoes. ranging from the different potato varieties to the suggestion of how to store potatoes to make them fresh. We can elaborate on every tiny detail regarding potatoes here. So continue reading it because if you are interested in knowing the incredible things you probably didn’t know about potatoes, this article is the right one for you. 

Different Varieties Of Potatoes

The potatoes come in different types, and each type has its specific taste. That is why it is better to have information regarding its particular type in order to avoid confusion. Some potatoes are sweet; some have a plain taste, while a specific kind of potato has roots inside. Additionally, there are specific recipes that are associated with these varieties of potatoes. Let's have a look at the different varieties of potatoes. 

Starchy Potatoes 

As shown from the name, the starchy potatoes are rich in starch, making them more fluffy. These starchy potatoes are ideal for frying and baking. Whenever they are cooked, they don’t hold together in a very healthy shape. That is why it is better to fry them or bake the starchy potato. They require special attention whenever you are mashing them because they have a lot of starch that results in a mess. Russet, sweet potatoes, yams are common examples of starchy potatoes.


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Waxy Potatoes 

The waxy potatoes are ideal for boiling because they hold a smooth and waxy texture with good shape. They are widely used in salads while also being best in every dish where you need them to be boiled. The most noticeable things in starchy potatoes are that they have a thin peel and are round and small in size. They are different potatoes that come under waxy potatoes such as French fingerlings, Norland, and Red potatoes.

All-Purpose Potatoes 

The all-purpose potatoes fall under the medium category. They are not starchy and a bit waxy; however, they hold a better shape. They have a smooth and sweet taste that makes them perfect and suitable for any dish. You can use it in whatever way you want, such as boiling, mashing, baking, frying, sautéed. The all-purpose potatoes can also be used in mashed potatoes or tasty cutlets. The white and yellow potatoes are the typical example of all-purpose potatoes.

How To Store Potatoes To Make Them Fresh 

The first condition for the storage of potatoes is to always keep them in a cold, dark, and dry place. Better to keep them in a basket and place the basket on the kitchen shelf so that air can easily pass through them. It is better not to store potatoes in the fridge. An average room temperature is ideal for them. Similarly, a warm and humid environment is critical to avoid because potatoes can not survive in a friendly and humid climate. It is recommended to give potatoes the same environmental conditions and temperature as they gain under the soil. If you can observe, the place under the ground is dark, dry, and cold, so potatoes also need the same environment outside the earth, which increases their shelf life and remains fresh for a long. One of the most critical pieces of information regarding the average shelf life of potatoes is that waxy potatoes can survive for two or more weeks while starchy potatoes and all-purpose potatoes can easily remain fresh for two months. 

Healthy Benefits Of Potatoes 

There are many misconceptions about potatoes that they are not much good and make you more fat. It is valid because potatoes are high in carbohydrates, and the overconsumption of everything is not suitable for health. However, the potatoes are a complete lack of energy that automatically refills your energy when you feel low. Potatoes are more healthy when taken in boiled form and a standard quantity. It doesn't make you fat at all and gives you a good energy source. But at the same time, if you eat potatoes in fried form, it is unhealthy for your body. Potatoes also contain vitamin C, folate, and potassium in a small amount and thus all these vitamins and minerals make a potato more healthy and nutritious. Similarly, the potato peel which we usually throw is also rich in nutrients and really healthy. That is why it is better not to peel the potato; instead, use them with the peel to reap more benefits.


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