Top 7 Moisturizers for Winter

Dryness in winter is one of the most significant issues which every single person experiences—some people who have naturally dry skin experience this issue more severe in winter. The severity of dryness for people with dry skin is more than for oily skin or normal skin. The itchiness, continuous irritation, skin tightness, and flaky look make it very difficult for people with dry skin to survive winter peacefully. However, there are many oils and moisturizers that are specially formulated for the winters as, during the winter season, the humidity level in the environment decreases very fastly, the high winds and cold air dry the natural moisture in the skin, additionally, taking hot showers also results in losing the natural oil of your skin and ultimately it makes your skin drier. All these reasons indicate why we experience severe dryness. If you are looking for the best moisturizer in the winter season, continue reading it because in this blog we have highlighted the top 7 moisturizers for winters that will moisten your dry skin and make it look attractive. 

Is It Necessary To Apply Moisturizer To Your Skin?

You can not ignore the importance of having a moisturizer in your skin because it keeps your skin more healthy, attractive, and young. You often notice many people that are not much aged but have a lot of wrinkles, premature aging, fine lines, and dullness on their skin. This is because of the dullness and dryness that make your skin look old at a very early stage. Similarly, many people think they do not need any moisturizer because they have oily skin. However, applying moisturizer for people with oily skin is as essential as dehydrated skin. You have to apply moisturizer at all costs, and there is no in-between. Therefore you must have to add a good moisturizer to your skincare routine in order to combat dryness and give yourself a youthful and attractive look. 

Similarly, using moisturizer in winter is highly important, and many dermatologists recommend locking your skin with moisturizer during winter and making it look hydrated and soft. So never hesitate to apply moisturizer to your skin. All you are required to do for yourself is to wash your face with a good face wash and then immediately apply moisturizer to it in order to make your skin hydrated. 


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Top 7 Moisturizers For Winter

If you are fed up with the dryness on your skin and want to get rid of itchy, rough, dry, patchy, and uncomfortable skin and you are looking for the best winter cold cream to keep your skin soft, then here we have highlighted the must-have winter skincare essentials for all skin types that will create a barrier in your skin and protect you from the winter dryness. The good thing about these moisturizers is that they are available in every grocery store, supermarket, or online grocery shopping platform, so you do not have to go out of the way to buy them. Secondly, these moisturizers are very reasonable, and you can quickly get them in Pakistan.


One of the best winter cold creams to keep your skin soft is Ponds. It is one of the most affordable moisturizers. It comes in different forms, including lotions, creams, etc. The best thing about ponds moisturizing cold cream is the consistency that deeply absorbs your skin immediately and does not make it look greasy or oily. Secondly, the pond moisturizing cold cream has a very soothing aroma that freshens your nostrils with a very light fragrance. If you want any pocket moisturizer, then pond lotions are perfect to go with because they are pocket-friendly, and you can keep them in your bag and use it whenever you want. Hence, if your skin is dehydrated, painful, or itchy, the ponds lotion is essential must-have winter skin. Lastly, the pond's moisturizing lotions and cold creams prove to be the best moisturizers for normal to dry skin, but they are not much good for oily skin.  However, ponds have introduced a super light gel moisturizer for oily skin, proving to be a good moisturizer for oily skin.  


Another best winter cold cream to keep your skin soft and smooth is a dove. Its formula makes your skin more gentle, effective, and soothing. The good thing about Dove is that it is the best Moisturizing Winter Cream for All Skin Types, and it contains the exact extra nourishing ingredients which your skin needs in winters. So if you want the Best Winter Cold Creams To Keep Your Skin Soft, then Dove is the excellent option for you. You can get dove moisturizer from any grocery store. Therefore if you haven't bought any moisturizer for winter, then whenever you visit any grocery store or supermarket for your monthly grocery shopping, add dove moisturizer too in your shopping cart. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

People with oily skin always prefer to find the best moisturizer for oily skin in winter; however, most moisturizers in winters are specially designed to combat dryness, so they contain some of the ingredients that are comedogenic for dry skin. Neutrogena hydro boost water gel is a good option for people with oily skin because it has a very lightweight water formula in a gel form that makes your oily skin look more perfect. Secondly, it does not block your pores. Lastly, the Neutrogena hydro boost water gel moisturizer is available in every supermarket, and you can also order it online from Howmuch..

Himalaya Nourishing Cream 

If you are looking for moisturizing winter cream for all types of skin, then Himalaya nourishing cream is the best moisturizing winter cream for all skin types. It contains aloe vera, which proves to be the natural barrier to dryness. Secondly, Aloe Vera reduces the dark spots and prevents acne; therefore, the Himalaya nourishing skin cream is the best moisturizing winter cream for all skin types. Similarly, Himalaya nourishing skin cream is made from a herbal formula that refreshes and dehydrates your skin with healthy ingredients and gives you a perfect look. 

Clean and Clear

One must-have moisturizer for oily skin during winters is a clean and clear dual-action moisturizer. It contains salicylic acid, and it is made with a non-greasy formula. That is why it does not make your oily skin look more oily. The clean and clear moisturizer for oily skin in winter proves the best and highly recommended one. If you have oily skin and want a good moisturizer for winter at an affordable rate, then clean and clear is the best winter face moisturizer. Similarly, the clean and clear dual action moisturizer is non-comedogenic, so it will not block your pores and combat your blackheads and prevent pimples on your skin. The clean and clear moisturizer also comes in a pocket-friendly bottle which you can keep in your handbag or purse. 


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Nivea is also the best moisturizer in winter that retains the capability to beat dryness. It comes with the perfect formula and has extra-rich nourishing oils that will keep your dry skin more nourished, and it will also repair and heal your extra dry and cracked skin. The Nivea moisturizing cream and lotions are not suitable for people with oily skin because they have a greasy formula and are specifically created to combat extra dry skin; therefore, if you have oily skin, you must not apply Nivea moisturizing lotion or cream directly to your face. 


Vaseline is another rich moisturizing lotion for the winter to keep your skin soft. It comes in different flavors, and the vaseline lotion is considered the best winter face moisturizer. The intensive vaseline cares deep repairing moisturizer helps in healing dry skin quickly. The good thing about vaseline lotion is that it is suitable for the face and body and affordable in price. Similarly, vaseline lotion is also available in every grocery store or supermarket, and you can also order it online. If you want some excellent options or looking for the best winter cold cream to keep your skin soft, then vaseline moisturizer will be reliable. 


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