Are Soft Drinks Safe During Pregnancy?


Soft drinks or carbonated drinks are the most popular and refreshing drinks, especially during the summer, are soft drinks or flavored carbonated beverages. People also order online, soft drinks in bulk and store them in their crates. As a result, they are the most commonly consumed beverages at dinner or lunch as an enjoyable drink in conjunction with fast food or, more commonly, spicy food. Well, when it comes to the question, are soft drinks safe during pregnancy? Or in what quantity is drinking soda  considered safe to consume while conceiving? Women generally drink carbonated drinks during pregnancy, but only once a month if the expectant lady craves a lot of soft drinks; otherwise, it is best to avoid. If you want to know the details of whether soft drinks are safe to consume during pregnancy, then continue reading because we have addressed all your concerns regarding drinking soft or carbonated beverages. 

What Does Research Say About Soft Drink Consumption?

The drinks are not human body-friendly and they have an adverse effect on the bodies of expectant ladies. The main ingredients that are present in soft drinks are sugar, carbonated water, and caffeine, and all of these things are harmful for pregnant women. Mostly, doctors recommend women avoid drinking coffee and alcohol. Although carbonated drinks do not contain alcohol, they still cause long-term effects on the mother and fetus. 

Many research has been conducted to address the question of whether the consumption of soft drinks is safe during pregnancy. Different researchers have highlighted certain facts such as drinking soft drinks may affect the child's development, especially in the second trimester when it directly affects the baby’s body fat. Similarly, mothers who drank soft drinks while pregnant may have children with nonverbal and verbal issues. Additionally, much research highlights the fact that there are chances for kids to develop asthma problems. 

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What Harmful Effects Do Carbonated Drinks Have On A Baby's Health?

It is usually very normal to have cravings for carbonated drinks during pregnancy, but it is always recommended to avoid soft drinks at all costs. However, if you are craving a lot, then just drink in a very small quantity that will just satisfy your craving. As drinking soda, soft drinks, coffee, and carbonated drinks may result in different pregnancy complications, it also raises the serious child’s developmental issues. It also impacts the child in the long term by developing obesity issues and asthma problems. Different mothers go for the diet soda option, which is a  sugar-free carbonated drink, which is a bit of an acceptable option, but regular consumption of diet soda may also result in severe health issues, so low-sugar carbonated drinks are also a big no for pregnant ladies. 


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What To Drink Instead Of Soft Or Carbonated Beverages During Pregnancy?

In pregnancy, the most important thing that a mother needs to do is to maintain her blood level of hemoglobin in order to avoid borrowing blood from the blood donors. This can only be possible if a mother takes good care of her diet and health. It is believed that fresh juices elevate the blood level. Especially the ABC juice that includes apple, beetroot, and carrot. It is recommended for mothers to regularly drink fresh ABC juice. As we all know, apples, beetroot, and carrots are available in every grocery store or supermarket. Well, if you want to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, you can easily buy them online from 

Similarly, drinking plenty of water also keeps pregnant ladies hydrated, so it is always better to maintain the water level by drinking plain or boiled water for approximately 8 to 12 glasses daily. Also, avoid mineral water as it usually contains sodium chloride, which is not good and mostly results in swelling. Furthermore, the best advice for pregnant women is to drink milk twice a day because it is an excellent source of calcium and healthy vitamins that result in the fast growth and development of a fetus, and it also keeps the mother healthy. Well, some people are intolerant to lactose present in milk, and for that purpose, you can switch to other non-dairy types of milk that also retain maximum benefits. 

The Best Alternative to Carbonated Drinks

Well, we all know that carbonated drinks or soft drinks are usually the fun drinks that are not good for pregnant ladies. At the same time, if you are a fitness freak and want to avoid soft drinks, you can go for the alternative solution of some herbal teas such as ginger tea, lemon tea, and peppermint tea. All of these types of tea are high in nutrients and vitamins and are a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks, which we sometimes prefer due to indigestion or other stomach issues. However, ginger tea, lemonade tea, and peppermint tea are considered the best alternatives.


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