Different Types Of Milk Available On Grocery Store

Milk is ubiquitous in every household, mainly used for breakfast and kids because of its highly nutritious nature. We can not deny the importance of milk worldwide, especially in the south, which is considered an essential component of delicious tea. From baking bread, cakes, cookies to making any dessert, milk is always constant. But do you know milk is not confined to animal milk? There are many other sources from which we can gain milk, which is why there are different types of milk that exist? Luckily, these types of milk can quickly get from any grocery store or supermarket. Every time you walk on the grocery store aisle, you’ll see a corner where there are different varieties of milk. Let’s have a look at how many types of milk exist. 

Types Of Milk 

Many of us always get confused while seeing different kinds of milk placed on the shelf of grocery stores or supermarkets, but we have little information about what type of milk it is? How much healthy milk is? Where or how do we use a specific kind of milk? Therefore, for your ease, we have highlighted below all the information regarding different types of milk, their benefits, origin, and usage. Such as there are two significant types of Milk, i.e., dairy milk and non-dairy milk. The most crucial fact in both kinds of milk is that it is full of excellent nutrients that provide incredible benefits to the body. Now we will discuss in detail both types of milk.


Dairy milk originated from the mammary glands of domestic animals like cows, goat buffalo, etc. this type of milk contains a rich amount of nutrients, including vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium, protein, amino acids, and many other vital ingredients. 


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Cow Milk

Cow milk is rich in nutrient milk. It is one of the most consumed milk all around the globe. One of the disadvantages of cow milk is the presence of a large amount of lactose harmful for lactose-intolerant people. Cow milk has high protein, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, and vitamins. It is a good source of lowering high blood pressure, and it provides healthy bone development to kids.

Goat Milk

The most significant type of dairy milk is goat milk which is the best choice for people with milk allergies, including lactose intolerance. The goat milk is very creamy and thick in texture compared to other dairy milk types. It is highly nutritious and good for the skin as well. It is a good source of vitamin A, and it contains elements that fight cancer and other illnesses, including measles and allergies. 

Camel Milk 

One highly nutritious milk is camel milk, which proves to be a magical cure for many health diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, and it is the best milk in the world. It also helps with food allergies. It is dense in consistency as compared to any other type of milk. 

Buffalo Milk

The buffalo milk is pure white compared to the cow milk, which is off-white. Secondly, the buffalo milk is thick in texture, while the cow milk is lightly weighted. It has high nutritional benefits and is often used to create different dairy items, including yogurt, butter, and cheese. The amount of fat, protein, and lactose is high in buffalo milk.

Raw Milk 

Raw milk is the type of milk obtained directly from the animal and is unpasteurized. As no pasteurization method is applied to that milk so it is present in its original form, and there is no loss of nutrients in it. However, it is better to avoid raw milk, as said by the nutritionist, because raw milk or unpasteurized milk is more prone to allergy and infection because they have a lot of bacteria.

Regular Milk

An essential type of dairy milk is whole milk or regular milk, obtained after pasteurization. This type of milk is the homogenized form of milk. The whole milk is good in taste, and it has a thick and creamy texture. The whole or regular milk is full-fat milk, and it initially contains 3.5% of total fat. However, it is very healthy, and the calcium, proteins, and vitamins are higher than other types of milk.

Fat-Free Milk 

Another important and rare type of dairy milk is fat-free milk or skim milk. It is obtained when all the fat content present in the whole milk is reduced to 0.1%. Fat-free milk is a good choice for people with cardiovascular problems, but it is low in vitamins, protein, and calories


The non-dairy milk is extracted from the plants. They have gained much popularity over the last few decades, and it is used as a substitute for milk. However, non-dairy milk is a bit expensive due to its complicated milk processing, which is tricky and costly.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is created from a balanced mixture of oats and water with the correct quantity of salt and oil to get the right texture of oat milk. It has a light sweet flavor and has half amount of fat in it in comparison to the fat present in dairy milk. Similarly, it is high in fats and a bit creamier. Its essential benefit is that it stabilizes the glucose level in the body and reduces extra cholesterol. 

Coconut Milk

One of the best non-dairy milk is coconut milk, often used in making pina Coladas. Coconut milk is the white flesh primarily found in the mature brown coconut. It contains 1/3rd of the calories as compared to dairy milk. It has a sweet, creamy flavor, and it is high in fat. 

Almond Milk

Almond milk is also an essential type of non-dairy milk. It is considered the best diet milk as it is low in carbs. It is created by mixing almond butter, almond, and water correctly. It is very light weighted milk, and it has a mild sweet flavor. It is primarily available in supermarkets.

Soy Milk

If you want high protein milk and tend to avoid dairy milk, soy milk is a good option. It is obtained from soybeans and is an excellent source of protein and other nutritional items. However, excessive usage of soy milk will increased cholesterol levels. 


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