Everything You Should Know About Onions


Onions are the most widely cultivated and used vegetables in every household, usually used to flavor the dishes; however, they are more than just flavoring a dish. There are many nutritional facts and beneficial effects of onions that you need to know about onions. Such as onions are packed in nutrients they are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Onions come in different types, colors, and sizes, and every kind of onion is best and unique in its taste. It is available in any grocery store or you can also order online from Howmuch which is the best online grocery platform that gives ease and comfort to their valuable customers. Onions seem very appealing, and in this blog, we will discuss everything you should know about onions. 

What Good Do Onions Do For You?

While using onions several times, a question comes to our mind: what good do onions do for us. However, few people have knowledge about the good benefits and facts of onions. If you want to know everything about onions, then continue reading it because we have compiled some information that you need to know about onions. 

Healthy Facts 

If you are concerned with the nutritional facts and beneficial effects of onion, then no doubt onion is perfect for us. It has a nutrient-dense profile that provides numerous health benefits to humans. They strengthen bone health. Many people suffer from bone illness, especially osteoporosis, common among women. However, the regular consumption of onions proves healthy for increasing bone density. Similarly, the onions regulate blood sugar levels, and Their unique composition maintains a balance in blood sugar levels.  

Low-Calorie Vegetable 

Onions are considered a vegetable with many nutrients because they are filled with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They have large amounts of vitamin B6, magnesium, and vitamin C. However,  iron, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, and other antioxidants are lower payments. But this is a low-calorie vegetable which is safest to consume, rich in flavor and ingredients that gives you health benefits. 


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Prevent Hair Loss

Onions are God's gift for hair loss. Onion juice is effective for hair loss. You can apply the onion extract directly to your scalp, and it proves to be beneficial for your hair. Although the smell will be pungent and irritate you, the results will undoubtedly be highly effective. The best thing about onion juice is that you can extract it in your kitchen instead of buying the preserved onion juice. You can just chop or cut the onions and then put the crushed onions in a thin cloth and then twist it, and fresh onion juice will be easily extracted from the onions.  

Storing Onion 

People buy onions in bulk, but unfortunately, they are challenging to store because they often go soft or start sprouting. When it comes to keeping the onion, there are different categories of onion that need to be stored in different ways. At the same time, it is significant to store onions in cool, dry, and dark places. The dry ventilated baskets are the best for onion storage instead of storing them in the fridge. Onions are the living bulbs, and it is better to keep them away from light and plastic bags because in plastic bags, they trap moisture, and this also leads to mold. Onions can also be stored for straight six months through freezing. You just need to cut them, wash them, and then freeze them, and they are good to go with. 

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Antibacterial Properties 

Onion is one of the nutrients rich vegetables that retain the capability to fight against several bacteria that prove to be dangerous for health. Onions have an inbuilt capacity to inhibit the growth of bacteria. They also reduce the risk of heart attack and the development of cancer cells. They have fiber and prebiotics. 

All the Types of Onions and What They're Best For 

There are different types of onions, and their shape, sizes, and color categorize them. However, the best thing about additional onions is that they are the best. Let’s look at different unique types of onions and which onion is the healthiest. 

White Onion 

The white onion is known for its crispy, sweet flavor and attractive look. They tend to be more like yellow onions because they almost look the same. They have a thin peel. The white onion is the best type of onion used in salad, sandwiches, and pizza items. 

Red Onion

The Red onion is the most attractive type of onion. They are spicy, and their color ranges from maroon red to purple. They bring a lot of colors in salads. However, they are best used in soups, curry, and rice. The good thing about red onions is that you can maintain their crispness by soaking them in iced water, and it will also reduce the fierceness. 

Yellow Onion 

The yellow onions have a yellowish-brown peel while white from the inside. They have a strong aroma with a sweet flavor. They are primarily used in French onion soups.  


They are the smaller version of red onions, but they like garlic. Shallots are highly popular in French cuisine. You can easily buy them from any supermarket.  Or you can easily buy them from any online grocery store. 


The cipollinI is the type of onion that is also known as cipollini. They are the sweet type of onion with a cute petite size and thin, slightly yellow skin. They are a unique type of onion but are available in different grocery stores.


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